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                                        NORTH  POLE






Began in  Anchorage , Alaska.   ..... then caught another plane to ....

        Magadan , Siberia .......   where we caught an even smaller plane  to ....



beautiful sunny  Pevek  ( which hasn't changed since it was a gulag ).

After touring the delightful  Pevek airport ... we picked up the helicopter to the ship.




                              Russian Flag

                   YAMAL  - Russian Nuclear Icebreaker

The Bridge

Our suite - next to the Captain's cabin


                        Nuclear Symbol

Ship's Diagram ... showing nuclear set-up

                                       Reactor Control  Room                                                Nuclear  Reactor

Belkovskiy  Island


                                           Chopper  view en route to Island

                   Tundra is not as much fun to walk on as it looks
                                                     Back to the ship to get warm



Biruli  Bay

  This was once populated & mined by people  "out of favor"  with the Soviet  government.             Boots left over from " the good old days" ... have taken root.
                                                                               Ruins                                          Lichen
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