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Party  Time

                              with Victor Boyarsky ... Russian expedition leader

Kara  Sea


          The fog was just about as bad as it was when we did the Bering Sea.

                   We were waiting the arrival of a ship to replenish our supplies ....

            and keeping  fingers crossed that it wouldn't crash into us.  ( silly us )

            First came the eerie sound of the fog horn .... then the Russian icebreaker  "Dranitsyn"  crept forward out of the fog like a ghost ship.  For the next 2 or 3 hours ...             our helicopters & theirs, carried on a spell-binding air transit program


    When the job was finished .... glasses of vodka were raised

          in toasts to one another ... across the gap of icy water.

       After we all exchanged heart-warming  salutes & waves,

    she melted back into the fog as she had never been with us at all.

                                                Another  "sunny"  Midnight


90  Degrees  North !!!

                           Easy  Does It                                  12 feet  away           TAAH -  DAAH  !!!     DEAD  ON  IT !!

                                                 View from the Bridge ... at 90 North

                               Artic  Rainbow appeared

                       within minutes of our reaching 90 North

  CHEERS  !!!!
                                                         Ice  Walk                               One of  the  Russian Security  guys
                 They lowered the steps  .... we all " thunked" down to the ice  .........              and had a lovely    PICNIC   At The North Pole
                     We did a TON of fun things that day .....          ..... like going up in the chopper to get some photos  of  the ship & our position
     That's  Victor Boyarsky taking a snow bath                                  and some other    " health enthusiasts "     taking a short  "dip "
                                                Our  " Dance  Around  The  World "
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