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TOGO....( African West Coast ) a Voodoo Village..was asked to hold one of the "sacred Pythons". Good ole "animal lover Roy", rose to the challenge. What a guy !!.....Will you look at that !!??!! ....He even let them put that thing around his neck !!

ZIMBABWE...our native guide kept referring to these as "electrocuted giraffes". It finally dawned on us, that he meant "reticulated giraffes". the same Voodoo a joke the voodoo priest offered me a Python too...and was shocked when I held out my hands.( well...who have expected that the little blond white woman would take him up on his offer !!). I shouldn't have done it though...because then...they insisted on giving me a guided tour of the python hut. I HATE SNAKES !!!!


MADAGASCAR....Lemurs.....Just micro-seconds after this was taken...this lemur jumped onto my shoulder...where he stayed for a while.

Don't you just love their faces ??!! .....Ever heard the phrase..."When you get up in the morning you look like a lemur " ?

Yep....this is the same little guy, as in the previous photo. At one point I had 2 on one shoulder...and 1 on the other shoulder.

MADAGASCAR...Lemur....They are just hysterical !!

Looks kind of like a "haute couture" model, don't you think ? this one is stuffed. Would you like to get this close to a live one ?.... And NO....we did not finish all the vodka in that bottle. I might add, though, that there is a live bear.. this size, in a monastery in Yaroslavl,.... and we visit her from time to time.

Her name is "Masha"..and she's an absolute dear.I have videos of her...but no photos.There is a very touching story about how she came to have a home at the monastery ..but I won't go into it now.


GALAPAGOS....communing with the Giant Tortoises GALAPAGOS.....playing with yet another seal. ....By the way....this is the shot that earned me the nick-name of ...."Urchin" ZIMBABWE......Zebras. Aren't they magnificent ?!! on another "elephant safari " very first .."elephant massage "

THAILAND...with a newcomer to this world. This baby is only 3 weeks old.


SEYCHELLES...with "Bisket"...a 450 lb. 70 yr. old Giant Tortoise...who followed me around the island of Aldabra all day... & even climbed 14 steps up to the porch of the Ranger have me scratch his neck..

SEYCHELLES....These are the Reef Sharks, I was swimming with, the the cyclone hit the island.

PERU.... with some young Alpacas. They've got the most wonderful eyelashes !!!!

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