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At the beginning of the year 2000, we launched our "Trip Web Site".....and our more interesting "encounters" were displayed on those web pages....( as most future encounters will be ). However....we will still continue to update this site from time to time....especially when certain "trips" are make room for newer ones.

So....this particular just a "mini" record, for those of you who didn't get a chance to view our previous trips, before they were removed.



NEW a Ganet Colony. Beautiful graceful birds, in the air.....but they haven't quite mastered their "landings". ....(which consist of either skidding to a stop, on the backs of birds already on the ground.....or crash landing, head first ...into the earth ). New Zealand is noted for it's sheep and very talented sheep dogs. This picture is absolutely genuine.....real sheep...and real dogs standing on the backs of the sheep. It's a method the dogs have of herding the the sheep into pens. Apparently, there are 3 types of "herding methods" used simultaneously in a round-up. There are the Barkers.....the Silent Stalkers....and the Sheep Riders



PERU....Those delightful, graceful Paso Fino horses.

I had been petting, talking & cooing to this one...and he turned and Kissed My Cheek. Roy was hoping to have captured the moment...but by the time the shutter went off...this is what he got....."The Reaction".

PERU....Playing "nursemaid" a baby Alpaca ....high in the Andes ...( about 15,000 ft. high).

ARGENTINA..... Spending a Great day at a Gaucho Ranch....with the horses and the Gauchos. The "young lady", I'm going to be a mommy soon.

The SOUTH SEAS .......FINALLY.....after 9 years of of going thru enough film to fill the storage areas of the Queen Mary....trying to get a good shot of a Dolphin or a Whale.......I DID IT !!!!!