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AFRICA..The rare Bongo. There are not many herds of these left. Once I made friends with this guy...he didn't mind if I petted the calf.

AFRICA...YEEE-HAAH !!! Off on a camel safari..with 3 others. Roy decided to stay at camp & film what could have been the last sight anyone ever had of me. I was so touched that he was concerned !!

AFRICA...while I was petting a baby Impala...the camp dog decided he wanted some attention too.

AFRICA....Well, was an interesting conversation

AFRICA...Indulging in a "hug-in" with the oldest Rhino on the Reserve.. He was so responsive. What a sweetie.

ANTARCTICA...Our first time....with Gentoo Penguins.

Indulging in a game of "Simon Says"...with a Weddell Seal. Had great fun !!



JORDAN...riding to Petra

Petra "taxi "

EGYPT...5 of us crossed the Nile, and spent the day riding thru villages, etc. ....( that's the Temple of Karnac, on the left ).



BHUTAN...This is a "Taukin"...only found in the higher altitudes of this area of the world..near Tibet.

Looks like it was designed by Congress, doesn't it ?........ They are quite wild....but this guy let me scratch his ears and his head. However...he was so annoyed when I stopped, that he lowered his head .....& charged !!

TIBET.....Yak riding at 15,500 ft.

Interesting experience, to say the least.


Taking a brief "time-out" with some locals, while we were on a dinosaur "dig" in the Gobi Desert

MONGOLIA...with a new "friend" of the famous "Mongolian Ponies" a "Ger" camp. FYI:...a "ger" is about the same as a "yurt" ( a felt covered tent)...and their "camps" are really, small movable villages.

MONGOLIA....doing a bit of riding on the Mongolian Steppes....with some members of a Ger Camp. the famous "TIGER TOPS ELEPHANT CAMP"...which is noted for elephant safaris which go in search of tigers. My "turn" to help with the feeding.....( sorry...but no photos of the "elephant bath time" the river...are available ).

NEPAL....with our newest "buddy"...the elephant Roy & I had, during our elephant safaris ....come rain or come shine ( mostly rain).


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