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Most of you who have recieved "trip tales" from us are used to hearing about my unusual animal encounters. In fact, I have a suspicion that a lot of you quickly skim thru the "normal" parts get to the "animal tales" more quickly.

Actually, there's not a trip we take, that doesn't have at least one really neat "encounter". Unfortunately...a good percentage of these encounters are not "photo-documented" ...( like the time in Turkey, when the horse followed me into the restaurant). the spirit of "a picture is worth 1000 words" .... here is a much edited little Photo Journal that contains just a few of my most memorable moments with animals, while exploring this big world. And just as a little "aside".....none of these photos were taken with the aid of a telephoto lens.

If you want the "and...that's the rest of the story " account on any particular shot.....just ask.

For those of you who have been with us during these "encounters"....we hope this brings back many fond memories....not only of the trip, but also of Roy's voice saying...." Dar - LAH !!!! "


1992 - 1994


The begining of my very first camel race

AUSTRALIA....Ever seen a "Cassowary"? Not the prettiest animal... & very elusive.

AUSTRALIA...."mama Darla" with a very nervous little sheep about to get his very first shearing.

AUSTRALIA.....with wild cockatoos, who visited our balcony every morning & evening.

It often was like a scene from " The Birds ". If I was seated,.... they sat on my head, legs, name it...they sat on it.

AUSTRALIA...with an Emu.. I was beginning to feel like the "bird woman of...."....well you know the rest. very first "Kangaroo encounter"

Thanks to our guide, who distanced himself...I was left on my own, to deal with this wild Dingo

Then there was "Missie"...who was pregnant... so we couldn't swim with her for very long.

AUSTRALIA.....crocodile hunting on the Daintree River. No..I didn't pet this one.

AUSTRALIA. now, an old hand at "kangaroo bonding'' ....the best part was when this wild Big Red laid his head on my shoulder.

At the Great Barrier Reef

I didn't pet this one either...but this was close enough.

Koala the outback. When they get nervous, they'll pee on you. Fortunately..this one thought I was his I didn't have to use the towel.

Ahhhhhh....Happiness is .......... having a wild Koala pet your face.



AMAZON..Roy & an enamored Sloth

Yours truly...with a Cayman & a Monkey

and a very "frisky" Ocelot

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