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We had a Royal Penguin "Welcoming Party" swim to the ship to greet us.


When we reached shore .... the "Home Guard" greeted us



Young  Petrel


Blue-Eyed  Shag








Yes.... the Rookery extends all the way up that hill !!



Awwwwwwwww ....



Have no idea what this is all about ....  but after these guys got out of their mud bath , none of the rest of the penguins  would come near them.





NO !!

That is not

me in the



( darn it )


Antarctic  Prion


South Georgia Pipit










The very rare ... White Fur Seal   ( no, it's not an albino ) ....

there were 5 family groupings of them.


Yes Sir-eeeee ....... It's  A Reindeer  !!!

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