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LOVE   those doors  !!!



The  photo on the right ... is the upper part of one of the tannery buildings.

Hmmmmm .... basically   mud huts ..... but they have satellite TV



The 2 people sitting with Roy are our friends Marge & Dick from Calif.      We met on a trip about 12 years ago & try to take a trip together at least every other year.




We spent a delightful evening ....including dinner.... with this family.

The little girl was learning English, so showed off her expertise.   She also had just gotten her hands done with henna & was very proud of them.



What a fascinating place  !!!                A labyrinth of narrow  "streets"  and interesting  alleyways.


You could get just about anything here. .................   from       saddles    to     elaborate  fabrics  .............


and  thousands of colors of  silk  thread ......


to .....  Dinner


Our biggest hazard was not   "pick-pockets"   as one might expect in such a crowded  place .

It was the danger of getting run down by a mule or donkey  !!



Home  Sweet Home


Shower Tents  ( with green drum on top )  &  Toilet Tents




Apparently  these 3 guys decided I was their  "group project" .      Their goal ?  

 Making sure I didn't flake out before arriving at the destination point.

( some mythical dune way in the distance )       In this photo ... about 7/8 there


The tiny white specks ?                 Our Camp site 

( photo taken about 1/8/distance from camp) 

 Yeah ... it was a nice little hike.



Okay .....  HERE  WE  GO !!


 NOW  we're  Talkin'.       YEEEE_HAW !!


That's Roy , in the dark jacket

( behind  the woman   who looks like she'd rather be anyplace else )


Now .... if you have any illusions about the fact that   I may not have petted or hugged my camel friends here

y'all  need to spend some serious time in therapy !!



That's Right !!    No Roads



We were invited in,   for tea & snacks


This is not our hostessJust a neighbor


Living Room / Dining Room


Kitchen / Closet / Bedroom


Our  Hostess & her children



Yeah ......  well ........ there  ya  go.


These are Barium  Rocks  in the Hamman  ( sweat bath )


How these guys keep from slicing themselves to ribbons is a mystery ...  Those leaves & stubs are sharp as razors.


After the date farm ... lunch at a nearby Kasbah ..

 before arriving at the next camp



Dining Tent


Lynx  tracks ... outside the tent


We were invited in for tea.                  As you can tell from the photo .... the wind was kicking up   ( which is lots of  "fun"  in the desert )


Our Hostess


"A Gal's  Gotta Do    What A Gal's Gotta Do"


Are you kidding  ???!!!!!     Of Course I Did  !!!         It's got  4 legs & fur,  doesn't it ?




Little bowls of rocks are placed on some of the graves.  Interesting custom.


Some of the local boys who had gathered ... made a  "rock drawing" for us.



This is a series of   wells  for  irrigation.


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