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Just can't remember how many times we've been to Morocco ...... but before this , we had always either flown into the big cities ... or arrived by ship or ferry.

This time we decided a land tour,  taking in the rural areas  ( in addition to the city areas ) ,  was in order.

As you can see from the map ...... the basic route  of travel  is indicated by the orange marker.  Just haven't bothered with the forays within that area  ( too messy )


We had seen this mosque many times before .... but this was our first opportunity to actually go inside.

What a beautiful place !!     The detail work is quite amazing. 


Our hotel is the one Orson Wells stayed in when he was filming  "Othello"


Because of the  "Seagull Mafia" ... we chose not to swim in the pool


This is a big fishing community, so there were lots of boat photos taken.        But this one was the most unusual.


Morning beach walks were great.


And there were plenty of  narrow streets & alleys to explore.


And..... SHOPPING  ??

No matter who  or  what you were .... or what you were looking for  ...... you could find it.


But sometimes ... some things just required a bit more dedication than others


One day we decided to go out into the surrounding countryside to see what we could find.


They make all sorts of things from this  "nut "...... honey - skin care products - oils,  etc.


Seriously .... The women  don't  shop here


"Donkey  Parking  Lot "


The choices were quite varied.          From  Food  Products ......


to   Donkey  Shoes .....


to  Baskets  made from tires .....


and  even    goats ... for milk.


Have no clue what they use the hooves for .... but nothing goes to waste.


Lets see .... oh yes ....  there's  the local  "Dior"  shop  .....


and the  Basket  Maker.


Oh .... and when you want to take a shopping break  ... there's  the  Barber !!


Tree  Goats !!! 

    Tree  WHAT ??      GOATS !!     Goes to show you how much we don't know about goats.

I mean.... I knew they could climb ... but I didn't know they were this good.



Hmmmmmm ....


 An Olive product Production Plant


powered by




There were quite a few ladies having henna patterns done at this  outdoor  "Henna Parlor"   in preparation for the  "End Of Ramadan Party".

We had a lot of fun talking with them while they were being  "done".

Oh lets face it ....... you get a bunch of gals together anywhere in the world ... being  "beautified" ... and you have an instant party.



We saw  Water Sellers  everywhere we went .... but I thought that just one picture would do it.


We  wandered into the countryside  one day to visit these ruins.


The storks were having a  MAHVELOUS   time here.    Nests  everywhere !!


It was about this time that  Roy delivered his  "Don't Pet Anything, Darla "  lecture ....  along with the "required"  stern  facial  expressions.

(  This is usually followed by the  "This Is A Non-Spending Trip,  Darla"  lecture )


Back  To  The  City


Have absolutely no idea what was up with these geese !!!              They  probably looked at Roy  ... and said   " Whoops !!!"



FYI :   I'm not  "petting" !!          I'm ...... ummmm ...... I'm  resting  ( yeah .... that's a good word ) .... I'm   "resting"   my hand.



Uh-Oh !!!      I'm in trouble now !!         Hey ... don't even think  I come close to regretting  this.  I just regret I got caught !!





There were many mosaics here ... and all of them were just incredible !!!

And considering that they've been exposed to the elements since they were uncovered ..... well - that makes their condition even more amazing.


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