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They had a huge room of scale models depicting scenes of the war with Iraq



There were several galleries of photos .... each devoted to a different  "theme".  These came from the  "Oil Fire"  gallery.

The photo on the  "left" is an aerial view of the extensive  oil fires.

    ....and from the  "Ground Bombing" room.    

Bomb Damage




Bomb Damage

      Water Towers  

New Roads ,




Sports Park


( taken from a


restaurant )



Mall & Marina near our hotel



Roy went "belt shopping"   ......


.... and I headed here.       "Somebody"  told me I didn't need one.



I wasn't "allowed" to have one of these either.   I am soooo not taking him shopping with me any more.


Nooooo ..... Roy isn't uncomfortable about being one of the few Americans in a local Arab market.

He just automatically morphs into his  "fight or flight" stance whenever he gets near anything that looks like a shop.



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