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The religion here is an interesting mix of Christianity & Aborigine beliefs


Houses ..


and even



are decorated


Aborigine  Art


Very few non-Aussies visit here  ( and not many Aussies either ) .... so they had a "welcome & protection ceremony" for us.

They don't normally paint their faces   ..... it's only for ceremonies.



It was great fun scrabbling up the rocks to find interesting "weathering" patterns ... and wading thru the water.   ( no kidding .... it really WAS )


Flat-back Turtle




One of the Ant Tunnels is that wavy white line crossing the rocks.


 Most of the shells we found were in almost pristine condition.


left:  Taken prior to entering one

of the tunnels.


right: Wind  and, Waves have made

some unique

rock "sculptures"


The tunnels were fascinating to go thru ...... and the art was sometimes just down-right "spooky".


While getting to the high "sacred places" was difficult at times .... the views were well worth it.

 After a tricky climb we reached the entrance ... then went deeper into the cave, crawling over rocks  ( hands & knees only ) .. to see the cave paintings like these.




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