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Notice the high water marks.                        FYI:  the high water marks are a good 10 feet taller then I am.


Many of the stones resemble people or animals.   Do you see the figures of a kneeling person and  one bent over something in the 2 photos above ?


Tide's  starting to come in


We left 2 or 3 minutes after I took the photo on the left. 

THIS photo is 15 minutes later



right photo:   view from the zodiac


View of the run-off... from the reef


The water never did leave the reef entirely. A good 6 - 9 inches remained.


A variety of  Sea Urchin


This is one  strange looking creature  !!    Possible pick for a horror film ?


Wild Cockatoos



from our




Sea Eagle




Rock Wallaby


Couldn't have made the climb without the rope... and what you see wasn't the top.


Uh-huh !!   That's the path  to & from the zodiac.






The  grey sections of rock  are  Obsidian



Yep ... those are Crab tracks.     Some of them are kind of artistic.



right photo:




Rays ... the water is nice & clear, isn't it ?


Brown  Booby


Baby Booby

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