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We decided to give India another try  & were delighted at the differences between northern India and the sections we visited on this trip  ( indicated by the yellow dots on the map ).

There aren't nearly as many beggars... and the areas are much cleaner than the northern sections.


Our hotel  ( with the red roof ) was next to the famed  India Gate.

Note:   When Great Britain gave up it's claim to India ... the last troops left thru this gate.


The  CRAWFORD  MARKET    ( massive  !! )


Well let's face it ..... if you have photos of India ...

you have livestock shots.

Haven't seen any actually inside the temples yet ...

but they're every place else. 

( and they're not equipped with  "poo bags" either ).




Have no clue why it's called that.  Didn't see anything hanging anywhere.  "Topiary"  would be more to the point.


LAUNDROMAT --- India Style

It's supposed to be the largest on the continent


The neat thing about this is ...

the MEN do all of the laundry  !!



House & Museum


A quote from one of Gandhi's  speeches.

( way to go, Mahatma  !!! )

There aren't a lot of photos of Mrs. Gandhi

... so thought you'd like to see one.


Like all the other cave temples we visited ...there are no  "imported" items at the site.


The workers started at the TOP Front ...

hacking their way inward , creating what would be the ceiling level ....

then working downward to the floor level.

( literally carving out pillars & rooms as they went ).


These rock temples are absolutely astonishing works of engineering  !!


Shiva-Linga  stone


Shiva  carving


This is just to give you an idea of the size of these carvings.



                     Our hotel ... The  Taj  Residency

We visited a weavers workshop .. and got to see them creating their expensive specialties  ....  real Pashmina shawls  ( not the $20 ones you find on a ship )


The paintings are remarkably well-preserved


You're looking at a ceiling.

The  "ribs" are NOT wooden beams ... but have been chiseled out of the rock.


Again ... to give you a sense of size --

the small figures at the bottom are as tall as Roy & me

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