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We spent several days going hither & yon with the group , in Athens.          Luckily.... our hotel was within walking distance of the Acropolis.

Annnnd ...... got to flip around the subway for a bit, to see how they solved the construction problem they were having.

( every time they tried to dig anywhere ... they kept running into buried ruins ... and progress would come to a halt. )

Made our way up to the top of Lycabettus Hill for lunch one day.  WOW !!   Talk about a "God's Eye View" of the city !!!



We headed into the countyside ... and stayed in this little town for several days ... while we explored Delphi and surrounding areas.  Even had a cooking lesson.  YE GODS !!!


Archeological  Depiction  of  the  main  complex.




Sanctuary  Of  Apollo


Looks a bit like Paul Newman , doesn't  it


HAH !!  And they thought it was all in Fort Knox.


Ancient  Fondue  Pot  ??


Temple  of  Apollo


ITEA ... Drove here for lunch one day ... ( and  shopping )


Stopped to attend this memorial service ... while driving around one day ....

and discovered our visit made an appearance on a Greek news station that evening.


Stayed here for a couple of days. 

The Monasteries are all on those high craggy peaks.  Talk about a hermit complex !!


Transfiguration  Monastery ....  1380.        Up until 1923,   ladders & nets  were the only means of access.       Now there are steps.     LOTS  and LOTS of steps.


St. Stephen  Monastery ... 1300


St. Nicholas  Monastery ... 1527.                One of the James Bond films used this monastery as one of the location sites.


Holy Trinity ... 1458


Roussanou ... 1380.         Now a nunnery.


Varlaam  Monastery ... 1518


Dior  .....  eat your heart out !!!

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