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Das  Boot



Bird  Coots.          Well - have you EVER  ??!!!        Puts that dinky bird feeder in our back yard to shame.


There is an annual  pilgrimage  to the Church Of The Virgin   ( at the top of the hill )

Some  people choose to crawl all the way up to the church  (  ON  THEIR  KNEES ) .....

making  use of  the  " Crawl  Lane" .... on the  right portion  of the photo.


Statue   dedicated to the pilgrimage.


Church  Of  The  Virgin


Archeological  Depiction of  the original  Delos



These are  in  incredible  condition....

and  the  colors  are  still  very  vibrant.


We  LOVE  Santorini  !!

( especially the ruins at Akrotiri )


This was our  3rd  visit ... and it wouldn't exactly be a hardship to spend  a week or two here


You can get to the top ,  one of  two ways.

By  cable car ... or  by  donkey.

The  zig-zag  thing, is the lower part of the donkey path.

That little string of white dots 3/4 to the top left ...

is the cable car


OF COURSE  I chose the donkey method .

The donkey in front of me.....  "let one loose" ...

and almost blew us off the mountain.

Gag a maggot !!     PHEW  !!! 


This a view ... looking down ... from near the top.

Roy chose the cable car.


The  Bell  Towers  of  Santorini just BEG  to be photographed.


The holes in the cliff  are caves  that were inhabited at one time.


We were taken thru the museum .....  but it's not nearly as intriguing as  actually wandering thru the site itself. 

Yes of course, the museum was interesting ...... but at least for me .... it   "loses a lot in translation"  ... as  compared  to  hands-on  discovery. 

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