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With  Scott  Ritter

He is the former Chief Weapons Inspector for the UN Commission in Iraq .... in charge of searching for weapons of mass destruction.    

He was also a lecturer on this trip.


With  American  mystery writer  .... Stuart  Woods


Our  SUITE ... for the trip to England.   


Health SPA.   ( had a fantastic massage with some guy who walked on me the entire time. )


Ascot was opened every day ...  by the band.        They would play until the Queen & family entered the Parade Ring in their carriages.


As I mentioned last year ... Paul & Prue have a private box in the Royal Enclosure. 

Actually... Simon Cowell  ( American Idol )  has the box next to Paul's .   He recognized Roy & me ... so we all had a nice chat about how nice it was to get together again, etc, etc.     He's quite delightful & funny to talk to  ( as opposed to how obnoxious he is on the TV program )

Anyway .... this year ... we made more  forays thither & yon ,  so I could get closer shots of the horses & the races.

( which from time to time got a bit tricky ... because it rained  at least part of the day .... every day. )


Martin  Dwyer  wins  on  "Drawn  From  The  Past"


Yep .... here are 2 gals who had a very satisfactory  day at the track.


TOLD  YA !!!     One minute it would be lovely  .... the next , the sky would just open up.       But when it comes to horses ... NOTHING  stops the Brits.


M.J. Kinane   on   "In Safe Hands " 


Jimmy Fortune  on  "Nanina".    She won for me last year too.


Pre-Race  Tailgate party  ..... and a tent to duck into when it rained.


The Queen  &  Prince  Phillip


The Queen  always has white horses drawing her carriage.      There's something so elegant about horse-drawn carriages, isn't there .


Jim  Crowley  on  "Actodos".   Won a bit on this one.


Olivier Peslier  leads.   Won on this one too.


To win anything during this racing week .... the wisest thing to do first was to check the stats to see which horses had done well on a wet track.


Freddy  ( Manfred )  from  Austria  &  Roy.


Even if they don't have umbrellas ... they still won't run for cover.


J. Ford  on  "Takeover Target".      Won  last year  &  this  with this one too.


C. Newitt  on  "Miss Andretti".     This was another 2 yr. winner for me.


UH HUH  !!

 I know this is what you've been waiting for ... right  !!?


Prince Edward's wife ... Sophie - Countess of Wessex

( formerly  Sophie  Rhys-Jones )

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