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The photo was taken in the  Lounge Bar.    During the hour we spent there, prior to lunch .... we never had the opportunity to see  "The Green Lady".        Drat !!


The estate comes fully equipped with a fish pond


                              .............     and    sheep !!


If you'd like to see a better photo of the yacht ... go to the Main Trip Menu ... and select  "ASCOT  2006"


Spinnaker  Tower


If you look at the  "graphic" .... in the right third of the drawing ,  you'll see this building ( the hotel / inn ) depicted.


"  The  Warrior  "


This is ONE  BIG  SHIP !!         and  we have no idea how many miles of rigging there are.



THE  MARY  ROSE.      Built at Portsmouth  ... 1509 - 1511 ....on the orders of Henry  VIII.       It was his favorite  Warship.   It sank  in 1545  and was recovered in 1982.


The "graphic" .. opposite ... shows the condition of the ship when discovered , as well as how the recovery process began


" Look  Ma  ...... No Hands "



This  session was to work on how Josh should  " present " the horse  for the judges  perusal.

(  Charlotte  is  pretending to be another  horse )


Awwwww   Come On !!!!     After such concentrated  work-outs .... a  guy's  just got to take a bit of a nap !!


Did I mention that the twins are 2 yrs. old ?

  This is Frederick ... who could hardly wait to get out & around the horses


There's  a  LOT of hard work that goes into  "fun & games".


Josh won this one.        He rode 3 different horses that day


Harriet   ( Charlotte's  half-centaur  2 yr. old daughter ).           " But the horsy  SAID  he wants me to ride him , mommy "


Josh ... on the other 2 horses he used in the various competitions that day.


I already explained  THIS  shot.


This is a horse I was holding for someone  who was walking the course, before  competing.

Well  behaved ... EXCEPT ... every time I would try to talk to  anyone  ( other than  him ) ....

 he would try to either kiss me on the cheek   or  pull on my collar.


As you can see ..... no umbrellas were allowed.

Didn't take very many pictures.         Couldn't keep the camera dry


Freddy ... from Austria. 

 Looks absolutely  "thrilled"  doesn't he.


The first small group came by ....... followed about 2 minutes later by the rest.            As I said .... Zip - Zip ... All Done... Now Go Home.


Spent a lot of time .... doing  this.


Following behind the bikers ... were the team cars,  carrying extra bikes for the racers


Before the concert  began ....

many of us brought  "dinner" and  champagne.


You can see the  "stage"  at the far left.                                 What a beautiful setting  !!!


This is a news clip of one of the race tracks.

As an indication of the water depth ......

 you see those white curvy  things sticking out of the water ?

Those are the rails that line the track 

The height of those rails is as high as a horse's  back.

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