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The whole group gathered at the closest restaurant for an early breakfast


To start the celebration .... the band played ... speeches were made .... documents read  &  and  a toast  given for a successful run. 

( as the only  non-Argentines in the rally  .... the "2 Brits" and  "2 Texans" were given a special welcome )

 Some of the participants were dressed in period costume  and the crowd milled around the cars to get close looks at their favorites.

The men in the crowd were particularly noticeable ... because of the completely besotted expressions on their faces.

Argentineans  LOVE  Cars  !!!     The whole thing had the atmosphere  of  Carnival  Time.


This is  President Roca's  car  .... and the one  Prue & I would be riding in.       ( sure am glad we didn't have to polish the brass on this one )


Never saw a  gas mask used as a stethoscope  before  ...

but then,  I don't get out much


Wellllll ... the rule was that the vehicle had to date  before 1918.

Don't remember there being any mention as to what the physical specs should be.


The starting gun was fired .... and  HERE  WE  GO  !!!


The crowds were UNBELIEVABLE.       Never had so many cell phones aimed at me in my life 

( actually ... they were aiming at the car.... Pru  &  I  just happened to be in it )    But now we know how Elvis felt.

The crowds were so thick ... that had we been going any faster ... we would have wiped out half the town.


And... here are the boys.


At this point ... we're entering the check-point at the  2/3rds mark.   Don't you just adore this old Ford Fire Truck ?

"Picture  Perfect"  ..... but it needs  a dog.


Even at the Check-Points ... we were greeted with bands &  hand-delivered  champagne.

The crowds were intense  ..... throughout  the  whole route !!     ( must not have had anything else to do that day )


And  Finally  ......we reach  The  FINISH  LINE .... and more champagne !!

We even got interviewed by a Buenos Aires  TV station


With Luis  ( owner of Pres. Roca's former car )... & his navigator.


The  "Little Rascals"





The club presented each of us with a jacket ... like the one Marcella is wearing.


And Roy is wearing the  "Club Tie"  that each of the men were given.



TAH - DAAH  !!           The Cadillac  !!


Ahhhh ... The  Pampas !!!              miles & miles & miles  of  it  

    ( and nothing to break the wind )


One of the Sielecki brothers ,

in the car I pointed out on   page 1


Even  Paul who is used to  "nippy" conditions  & Roy , who is much more  "cold tolerant"  than I ... were feeling a bit challenged today.

Prue & I kept trying to call the cows to come closer .... so we could use their bodies for shelter .   Luis was willing to stop & share a cow ... but they weren't interested.


Juan  Manuel  Fangio


Here is Prue standing next to a cup that was presented

to Fangio in 1956.

It  matches his  height  and  weight.


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