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Our friends, Paul & Prue came over from England, to spend a few days with us ... before the 4 of us headed for Argentina.

NOOOOO .... all that luggage is NOT  mine !! )



These are  2  of  the  4  lounges in the club.


Okay .... got all the pieces unpacked from the bubble wrap .......  now to see if the boys can get the thing to actually start.


The guys at the club fixed us a home-cooked casual lunch.   What Fun !!


Then Prue & I went back to our task of polishing all that brass


Late in the afternoon ... the boys "cranked her up" ... & the old gal started ... so they took her for a trial run around town




This is an IMMENSE  garage where the guy keeps his car & motorcycle collection


The huge estate has car statues all over the grounds  ...

  as well as numerous dog kennels.


One of the fun things... is this  kangaroo made with car parts


The photo is taken about the half-way point in the garage


Hey  !!!   A car with straps !!


Love the  "passenger basket"  on the front


All of these cars are in incredible condition.


The passenger seat in this one ... faces the driver.


The head-lights are lit  via  candles.


Did I mention ... the guy also collects planes & boats ?


Not exactly a  "Harley" ...... but it still works.


An  UNBELIEVABLE  treat  .... was not only seeing  a  "live"  1886  Benz  ....

( Roy gave  Paul  a museum reproduction of the car,  several years  ago )

but  actually  getting  to ride in the real thing.


You will notice that there's no steering wheel ..... but a lever for guidance.


How about that engine  ??!!!     It goes  " putt-putt-putt-putt"



Talk about  BIG  garages  ..... !!!!


Like Mr. Gold ...the Sielecki brothers  also have  some  quirky  "side" collections    ... all relating to  the automotive industry.


Two of the differences we noted between the 2 collectors ...  was that while the brothers had some really old cars ...

they seemed to specialize in racers  ( many which they have raced )  ... and in the 1920-1940  "super elegant" class


This is one of the cars the brothers will be driving  in the Rally  ( vintage prior to 1918 ).         Have you ever seen such  clean "innards" in your life ?


LOVE  the strap on the front  ... and the "trunk"


I   know  you guys like to look at the  gadgets  ... so here you are.


The wood grain on this one is  stunning.


And  this car is a  "3 wheeler"


There are about 10  in this "elegant" classification.

  Ahhhh ... the imagination goes wild with thoughts of what the previous owners of this type of car were like.




 is an art all of it's own


The interest level of  on-lookers was unbelievable .... complete with cheers , huge grins,  and  "thumbs-up". 

By the time we arrived in Recoleta    ...   the boys had really gotten a hang of  "the  royal  wave"


Okay ... the little "parade"  being over   and  the car parked in it's allotted  display position ....

it was time for lunch.


Later that day ... all the cars were  "put to bed"   safely for the night .

Noooo ... there's nothing wrong with the camera.  

The haze .. is  fumes.


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