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  Even though we had been to Royal Ascot many times ... this was our first experience at the Derby  
Originally, Ascot was for the upper classes ..... and the Derby  ( pronounced  "Darby" ) was for the "common man".
Even today, you can still see the differences between the two events , in  the dress requirements.
However .... with the Queen attending on opening day .... that day at the Derby is just as formal as Ascot  (especially in the "Queen's Stand ")
Glad I put money on this one.   Chose  "STARS"  because we  know the jockey and because the horse has a lot of US blood in him.
Not very logical,...... but it worked.
Since we were the "crew" on this barge for about a week .... we all had to "pull our weight" when going through the many locks.
At times , it was tiring & our muscles felt the strain of  New "Activity".  
And naturally ... we had a few  mishaps when navigating sharp canal bends in this 63 ft.  floating tent.
But ... it was ALWAYS  Funny !!!   ( especially when Prue fell in )
  Along the way , to our goal of Hampton Court on the Thames .... there was delightful and peaceful scenery .........  
  ....Great  Places to Eat .....  
  ..... Unique Aimal Friends ..... who would swim up to the barge to say  "Hi".
( though sometimes... keeping them out of the barge was a bit of a chore )
  Then all too soon ......  The THAMES  !!!!
However ,  after Hampton Court ..... we got to do the lock trip  again, in order to return the barge to Guildford.
  Our barge was tied up right outside of the palace gates.  
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