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  This was a good day ... race-results wise.   Won't even begin to list all the screwy reasons for my choices.
The following photos are of my choices this day.
 There are internal bets among small groups of people about what color the Queen will be wearing each day.
( still haven't been able to pick that one right )
    Princess Anne
Royal  Procession   The Queen
Queen - Princess  Anne - Prince Phillip   The Queen   Camilla  &  Charles
  My  Winners ..... Not as good as the day before ... but not bad !!  
  This horse became the 2nd winner for Calif. based trainer, Wesley Ward ... when she romped to a 5 length victory in the Queen Mary stakes  
     It would be an exaggeration that Ascot will never be the same ... but the 2 US winners are more than a shot across our bow --- they have hit amidships.
And there may be more to come.

Last night, the band who plays at community singing, was hard at work
practising "The Star Spangled Banner"

Back in World War 2, our American friends were described as 
"overpaid - over sexed - & over here"
To THAT .... you can add   OVERWHELMING  !!!!!
    Excerpt from British paper 
Roy & me   Ian & Allison  ( Laird & Lady Burkhill )   Pre-race  Tailgate Party  Hi-Jinxs
    My Winners  !!          What an Exciting Day  !!    
    Can not BELIEVE that we were lucky enough to be there for this.!!!
The crowd went WILD !!!!!
  Last but certainly far from "least" ..... no trip to England would be complete without having a lot of  "cuddle-time" with the race horse named after Roy.
( the jockeys absolutely adore this horse because he's such a sweetie & a joy to work with )
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