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This is for those of you who haven't seen the various members of our family, for a while.....( or in some cases..not ever )...and are curious.

Since we're limited to 44 lbs. of luggage on a lot of our trips, we've developed the habit of not taking family photos. So we've put together this little mini-album, so you can see what goes on at "old Smith homestead" whenever we're home.

A visit with my Mom& Dad (Herb & Pearle Kern ) Md. , on mom's 80th birthday.

The Easter Bunny & neighborhood children were here in our yard for a massive egg search

Will - Sydney - Roy - Harry



Our Daughter...McCandlish & Grand-daughter..Deirdre ( age 5 )

Not at all .."camera shy" , is she ?

In our back yard.

Practice for 1st dance recital. She has recieved an abundant share of the "Kern entertainment genes" from many generations, you may have guessed. And may likely have her own zoo, very shortly. Don't know where she gets that from, do you ?


Our daughter Alaina & husband David

Felix...age 2

He has also inherited a very promising talent for music...and that Kern ability of bonding with animals. So....we figure if those qualities are combined with his fetish for organizing things, he'll either grow up to be a conductor, a rock musician....or possibly wander thru Africa, teaching the animals to line dance.

Felix and Binx (the cat)



I think this was my art studio.

What a great excuse for not cooking.

I think this is where the workmen buried the toilet paper.

This is absolutely the last time I let Roy do the decorating !!!!


Most of you know we have 2 GREYHOUNDS who are retired from here are our 45 mph "couch potatoes" now 6. We've had him for 2 years

Ruben's .." redecorating project "

Not sick...injured...or sleeping. Just GOOFY.

BLU 13 years old. We've had him for almost 9 years.


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