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                         Water Sellers

Spices  from the Medina

                               Bahia  Palace

                                                      Ancient  Mosque  Ruins                                                  Saadian  Tombs


You've noticed the difference in the spelling of  "Timbuktu" by now.

Theirs is the correct way ... because long ago, when this was a small desert  settlement ... a woman named  "Tom" owned the only well  ( a "Bouctou" ).


In describing where to find water ... nomadic travelers  passed the word that water could be found where Tom's bouctou was located.

And over time,.....  the settlement became known as Tombouctou.

                           The Well  ... the town was named for.  

The  Djinguereber  Mosque  .....  built  in  1327


After a hair-raising  ride thru the desert

( no roads)

at break-neck speed ...

in jeeps with no padding  &  no shocks , we arrived at the encampment ... ready to party.


Note:  Riding a camel  is much more comfy.

                                  A  gal's  gotta  do  what  a  gal's  gotta  do.

Pronounced   "  jenna "


The "spikes" on the roof indicate

how many children  the family has


The Red  Mud  Mosque  ...largest mud building in the world



                                                                        How about those gold earrings ?                               The boat is called a  "Pirogue".    The blue box  is the  WC.




Ancient  Dogon Cliff  Dwellings                   


Present  Day   Dogon  Village


Dogon  Ceremonial  Dance  .....   a  "Girot"



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