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Since Prue & Paul are  horse people  ( Prue jaunts off to Poland several times a year to buy horses ).... we flipped up to the Brood Mare Auction  taking place at Keenlands.

Ooooh.... it was enough to make your mouth water.

  One of the auctioneers gave us a personally guided tour  ( we had met him the night before in the bar at the hotel )

WOW  !!!     VERY  VERY exciting .... especially since one of the horses went for over 2 million dollars




Photo on the left ... is  The Ryman  Auditorium .... home of  The Grand Ole Opry


This is an event worth seeing.  It has even been featured on several TV programs  ( including the Johnny Carson Show ).

It takes place in the elegant lobby of the Peabody Hotel .

Twice a day ... the ducks ride down in the elevator ......  parade across the red carpet   ( in time to music ) .... climb into the lobby fountain & take a swim for a bit.

Then at a given signal ....  climb back out  ....  parade back to the elevator & ride back up to their penthouse.

It's  absolutely  hysterical  !!!


This has been going on for  50  years.


Then ........

Guess  What  ??!!!  

For those of you who haven't been here .....   How about a mini-tour ?


Living Room


Dining Room


Family  Room


Pool  Room


Since his death .... one of the garages has been converted to house  "memorabilia" .... such as  jewelry,  clothes,  guns  &  odd pieces of furniture


Wedding  Attire


This is a model of the house where Elvis grew up.


Back View of the House


This is now the  Trophy Building.    It used to be a gym


Inside  The  Trophy  Building

The original layout has been reconfigured in order to display the thousands of gold records he was awarded.  It's truly mind-boggling !!

It also contains other awards, etc      ..... plus some of the outfits he wore in his movies


Former  Handball Court  has been turned into a display area for some of his well known stage costumes  and  even more awards .


Memorial  Garden ..... grave site for Elvis and  family


Grave of  Elvis


The  Lisa  Marie ..... named after his daughter  &  used for long trips.

The inside of this plane is truly amazing.                 Directly below are two shots of the inside.


Dining Room


Elvis's  Bedroom


This is the plane Elvis used for  short  hops.


Our daughter  McCandlish   &  our grandson  Ethan


With our grand-daughter  Dierdre


It's  a  "Guy"  Thing

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