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The people were dressed in their  "Sunday Best"  in honor of our visit

They're normally not that covered ... but it seems that someone from a nearby island who had been to a "town", told them that western people didn't run around sans clothing..

Only the villagers involved in the  "cultural tour" were permitted to dress as they usually do.


This fellow picked 6 of us to be in the group he escorted.

There were about 35 activities  ( we were there ALL day )  ... but we'll show you only a few.


Our first stop was for a demonstration of their  "magic"


Each of these guys picked up  coconuts ...

by waving  large leaves over them.


This is something they call  "Dunan  Dancing " .......  and yes ... that is a stuffed  bat  on that little boy's head.


Looks like  someone needs to do a little   "ab work"


Remember that these people were cannibals until the early 1900's   ( 1927  was the last  incident  anyone knows of ).

This was a reenactment  of how the ritual  "sacrifice" was conducted.                  The  "doll" takes the place of a real person.

First ....the victim  was carried  and  "danced"  thru the village to the sacred grove


This victim is obviously a male.            Anyway ... then the body was placed on the sacred  stone ... prayers were said ...       then   "ZIP"


This where the bones of the victims were displayed for a period of time,     after the sacrifice


And we got a demo on "How to Make A Canoe"

 Got a chance to ride in a full size one, later that day.


Yeah -yeah -yeah .... we all know who was petting the snake, don't we.

Why on earth do all the natives I encounter

 think that I'm  the one who really NEEDS to do this

to make my life complete ??!!!


I think this is Roy's  way of saying  "Get Thee To The Kitchen ... Woman !!!"


The gals fixed us a traditional meal.       Don't know what it was .... but it tasted pretty good.


This is the  Sea  Snake  Dance.                They catch the little buggers ... wrap them in leaves ....

then take them out  ( carefully ... because they are toxic ) ... for the ceremony,      once they reach the  "dance floor".


Got to sail in this.            Only holds 2 people  + 2 crew ...

You sit on a outside board.      The inside is for your feet.


Then there was snorkeling.        Yep ... that's a starfish


We got copies of these 3 photos .... taken on Rano in 1917 ... by a documentary film maker  ( Martin Johnson .....  more about him later )

when these people  still practiced  cannibalism .


Michener said that this place was the inspiration for his  "Bali Hai".


The Vanuatu Islands used to be called  "New  Hebrides"


LOVE  the signs  !!


This article is about the film maker  Martin  Johnson - who took the photos of the cannibals on Rano in 1917.

(  Johnson went home with  25,000 ft. of  film ... and 1500  photographs )



Martin Johnson took this photo of Tom Harrison.


The film  Martin was making ,was to feature some of Tom's experiences while living in the South Pacific.


There was no mention at the center about whatever happened to Tom


( Cannibals could have got him .. or that wound on his leg could have  

"done him in" ).

In case you ever wanted to know.


Here are 3 of the more than 40  "tales" that were posted here & there in the gardens of the Center


Used to support a pretty big jail in the old days.

Now.... just some holiday campers.


Captain  James Cook ... on his 2nd  voyage around the world ... discovered & named this island.


The island started as a penal colony in 1788  ... becoming a prison for the worst convicts in 1824.


In 1856 ... it became the new home for Pitcairn islanders

( descendants of the  "Bounty"  mutineers ).


About a third of the present population are descendants of those from the  "Bounty"


We were told that 6 prisoners were kept in each cell.   So we picked one to see if 6 people could actually sleep in one.


Ahhhh ... the famous  Norfolk  Pine


Uh-Huh .... lots of cows   ( all over )


Old graveyard  ... showing the deaths of people originally from Pitcairn



The  KAURI  FOREST .....  these trees reach an average of over 170 ft.

This particular guy is called  " God of the Forest " .... dated at 15,000 years old





The  "waka" crew  for the war canoe   .                                                                              The famous 90 warrior  War Canoe

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