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Dubai  to  Barcelona


March 26 - April 27


Dubai  Creek


Ahhhh ... yes !!


The famous  "Sail"  and  "Wave"  hotels


Falcon Training


Tea Time


The  GRAND  MOSQUE       


Downtown  Muscat


15th  Century  Fort




Muttrah  Souq


Bait  Al  Zubair   Museum


Traditional  Dagger


Tribal  Jewelry


AL  ALAM   PALACE  ...... residence of  Sultan  Qaboos


Camel Herd sightings are as prolific here, as sheep herd sightings are in Ireland or New Zealand


Typical of the kinds of dwellings found  outside the city limits


Frankincense Tree.  Because there are no "groves" of these trees in this almost barren landscape .... as well as the time consuming process of producing this product  ...Frankincense & Myrrh were more prized than gold in ancient times.


According to  traditional belief ....this is the location of  "Job's  Tomb" 


And THIS is supposed to be 

"Job's  Footprint".

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