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Some friends who live in Scotland, invited us to join them for the  "Gathering Of  The Clans" celebration on New Year's Eve.

Since our family has more than it's share of Scottish ancestry ( 3 different clans ... including the Campbells ), we thought it would be fun to participate in the tradition

So we booked into  Cameron House , on the banks of Loch Lomond.

( our friend's house is about a 2 minute drive from the hotel )


Cameron  House  &  Grounds


That's  Loch Lomond ...beyond the fountain.


This section  contains the Gym - Spa - & Pool area.


We had some delightful walks along the banks of the loch.


And it was equally delightful to come back to the hotel & dry off.

    The Gathering Of The Clans    

Ahhhhhh ...... the sound of the pipes !!!       Not another like it in the whole world.

So haunting ... and yet I've always thought, depending upon the song, fearsome enough to send the bravest enemy running for cover.

As we were  "piped" to dinner, it seemed as if the spirits of the ancestors joined us ... ready to party.


After we were settled ..... the  Haggis  was piped in and presented to the gathering .... and then the  "Ode To The Haggis" was recited.

It was the first time we had ever eaten haggis ..... and it really wasn't bad.

( as long as you didn't let the knowledge of the properties infiltrate your brain )

Of course, I guess the same holds true for what you get at a fast-food restaurant, too.


Later, we were entertained with songs and dancing.

And then the "lid came off "...

as the whole room got going on a never-ending succession of very vigorous Scottish Reels......  kilts & gowns flying in circles of color.


International contingent  - left to right :         Ireland - England - USA - Scotland



And ... a trip to Scotland isn't a real trip .... unless you have a visit to one of the highland distilleries.

We chose  the Glengoyne Distillery


We spent the rest of our visit  playing with our friends' horses  ( naturally )  .... attending parties at various homes ....

and doing drives to see the countryside


These are  "Highland  Cattle".         Furry critters, aren't they ?


This was on the one day it didn't rain.            Then it snowed !!

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