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This was a 2 segment trip.   The map below   shows the route of the 1st segment



Since the views of the canoes were taken from the viewpoint of our zodiac ......

you don't get to see what was surrounding us on the other 3 sides.        Just absolutely  OVER-WHELMING !!


Here are a few of the  ASMAT  WAR  SHIELDS


And here ..... shields - grass skirts - axes - bone knives - carvings, etc.






Some of the war canoe carvings are very detailed.


Do you guys have any idea how hard it was to get a  "non-jiggley"  photo during this little  "interaction"   ... with them jumping from the canoes onto our zodiacs?

Had to show you a photo of the activity  of some other zodiac.    All I could  get from my vantage point of what was going on with our zodiac ... were  "crotch  shots "


The center photo is of our access to the  "pier".     Pretty darn tricky.   And coming back down to get into the zodiacs was a lot worse than  going up.


And here is one of the  "Long Houses".     This particular one is where the  "adoption" ceremony took place  for this village


This is the  "Adopted  Dad "


Here  is a knife made from a  bone of the Cassowary Bird.


One of their interesting carvings.


Asmat  War  Shields.     We came home with the one on the far right.  ( have no clue where to put it .... but we  "needed" it .... understand ? )







The fellow in the photo with me .... noticed my glasses sticking out of my pocket ... and asked if he could try them on.

He was so absolutely delighted that he could see  SOOOOOO much better with mine than the old ones he was wearing  ....  I let him keep them.

He then insisted on giving me the large necklace the had been wearing ... as a reciprocal gift.



Anyone who is a parent recognizes  this  look ... right ?                                          Please ... Please ... PUL-LEEZE   let me have a zodiac ride  !!!!!


One of the most fun  "good-byes"   we've ever had.        These boys were an absolute hoot.



Feather Star Fish


Marine Butterfly Fish


Moray Eel



The women did a spiral-type circle dance with singing ...but  the most unique thing about it was the rhythmic jangle of their metal ankle bracelets.


Okay now ..... no  blond  jokes,  ya hear ?


Ahhhhh .... that  betel-nut juice  must be good stuff. 

Our dentist would kill to open an office here.


This is a  wooden hair comb  that we came home with.

( Don't know where I'm going to put that either )



"Down To The Sea In Ships"

The village men put one of the boats in the water to give us a whale hunting demo ....

which consisted in part , of showing us how they  "launch" themselves into the water land on the back of the whale ....

then expecting some of our braver guys to follow suit.



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