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Before  we began our explorations into new territory for us ... we spent a week in England with our friends Paul & Pru



Roy & Paul played with Paul's 1913 Buick ....


while Pru & I played with her dogs & horses


One of the side activities ... was to spend a couple of days on Paul's boat  .. "Evening Song"  ( named after one of their horses )


Took the boat for an overnight to the  Isle Of Wight


Later on,   we had our first experience with the "Chunnel" ...

 and spent the week-end at this delightful place  in  Montreuil, France.


Then we headed for Spitsbergen 
to begin our trip 
on another "Expedition Ship"


This was a 2 segment trip ... as indicated on this much simplified route map


 So......  we start with  Svalbard , hmmm ?

   ( that takes less keystrokes than  Spitsbergen )


Our approach was over the Tunabreen  Glacier.

Timing is everything. 

Had we arrived with the rest of the group ... this would be a cloud shot.


Soooo .... you were expecting a big city ?

Yep .... except for the dock area,  this is about it.


The day after we arrived.... clouds rolled in ... and there they stayed.


Downtown.         Rodeo Drive ... Svalbard style


This was an important  mining center.


Don't  ya  just  love  Artic  Cotton ?


Got my  "Fur Therapy" session ... by visiting a Husky breeding & training facility.

Everyone  up  here  has  a  dogsled.

You don't see many of these in the States, do you ?


Polar  Pioneer  ... our expedition ship &  home for the next 26 days 


Including the Expedition Team ... there were 60 of us on board.  ( Russian  crew )

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