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This was our 3rd ?  time at the NORFOLK.

The epitome of old world charm ...

 it is the oldest hotel in Nairobi.

Actually, Teddy Roosevelt stayed here when he came to Africa for his first safari.



For those of you who are used to reading my t-shirts... this one reads:

" Some Days  You're the Dog 

Some Days You're The Hydrant "



These were taken at a reserve not far from Nairobi.            Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ..." Look ma... what followed me home ".

She just stuck her head right in thru the window of the tea room to get scratched.

 She's not a pet by any means .... but I think this takes the term  " Habituated"  to a whole new level.



There were 7 of us  ( plus tour leader ) on this trip ... &  this was our  transport during the trip.



Road to camp


Our  Cabin


Public  Lounge


Burchell's  Zebra


Grevy  Zebra    ( my favorite )


Defassa  Waterbuck




Female & Male  Ostrich


Lilac-breasted  Roller


A   6  AM   Hug from Mom  to start the day


Aaaannnnnd .... They're Off !!          This is a fantastic way to view animals ... because there are no restrictions as to cross-country  wandering .   Vehicles have to  stay on a path, so they don't disturb any nests in the grass.

  You can also get closer to the wildlife because the horses  and camels are accepted as  "one of the guys".


Reticulated  Giraffe


See what I mean about  getting closer ?     No telephoto on these.




Superb  Starling


The  Maasai  prepared a lovely   "al  fresco "  brunch  for us.


Brunch  View .       It just doesn't get any better than this  !!!


Then  we exchanged our horses  for another type of transport.


Sooooo ..... keeping the camel personality in mind ....

What do you  think this guy's  expression means ?


Black  Rhino


For those of you who are confused about how to tell the difference between the  Black  Rhino  vs.  the  White  Rhino  ( since both are the same color ) ... here's a clue.

Look at the mouth.    The Black Rhino mouth is rounded.       And as you will see in the next 2 photos .... the White Rhino mouth is more  squared off


White  Rhino


They make some really interesting stuff here.   How about this  bed headboard  ?!!


It's a mating  thing


Fruit  Bats


Red-billed  Hornbill




There's no such thing as too many lion pictures


The guys set up the snacks & drinks  ( "sundowners" )  on the edge of this cliff.

Watching the sun set from that vantage point .... you can't help but feel a strong connection to the elemental forces of nature  and the beginnings of time.

It's an experience like no other .... and highly addictive.

( Have lost count of the number of safaris and locations  we've been to .... but it's different each time and never "gets old".)


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