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Turtle Tracks


Newly Hatched Turtle


Lots of types of large Crabs




Ahhhh ... Another Hard Day At The Beach




Muddy uphill trek !!


Beautiful but ...Poisoness 


Mountain Water ... tasty & harmless.  Can't beat that.


Making our between HUGE cliff boulders & muddy paths ..... to

     several caves of the early settlers  

Galapagos Hawk  &  Chick


Yellow Warbler


More  uphill mud paths


Natural Ape Rock. Can you see it ?


Galapagos Woodpecker Finch






We were just sitting there watching "big seal antics" ... & this little pup left his mom & crawled up the rocks ... to check us out.

Very curious ... and absolutely no fear what-so-ever.







Well... you know how it goes .    The "neatest" shots are often the results of some pretty strange positions.

Have to admit though ... that I make Roy a bit  "nervous" from time to time.



Here you can see the relative size of this type of crab.



See what I mean ... about being careful where you step ?




Galapagos Penguin


Pelican .... great fun to watch ... but pretty messy.




Lava Heron





We were just hysterical watching this little tableau unfold.     

The little one started to wander off ....... mom called ...  baby ignored her & proceeded to visit with the iguanas.

We could tell that the baby really wanted to play with the iguanas ...  but the iguanas weren't at all interested.

After several attempts ..and failing to get their attention .... the baby made this pathetic little whimper

and wandered back to mom.     He just looked soooo dejected.

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