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Once a year the Smith family tries to get together for a small trip.

Although small , we're a far-flung group ... spanning the width of the U.S.

Also ... with school & job schedules ... as well as individual international travel commitments  ( we're a curious & adventuresome set ) ,

sometimes getting everyone together  is almost impossible   ( like this year for example ).


Since Roy's  98 year old father doesn't like to fly ... we're pretty much locked into week long cruises of the Caribbean, leaving from either Galveston or Houston.

You may notice the that size of the ship  ( Carnival's Ecstasy ), doesn't exactly fit the expedition type of travel  that most of us prefer ...

( and we've  done the Caribbean so many times that we should be conducting the tours instead of being mere passengers ).

However ... the point of the get together , is having an enjoyable experience as a family ......not the destination .

  Participating  Members  

Missing this year :  Our daughter  McCandlish & her 2 children ,

Our niece Laura,

Our nephew Bridges, wife Ruth & their 2 children


Have no clue who  these  nomads are.


Roy's brother  Will  & wife  Marj


L to R :      ME  -  daughter ALAINA  -  son-in-law  DAVID  -  grandson FELIX  -  Roy's dad  HARRY  ROY


Uh - Huh !!    Go ahead & try to pronounce this one  ( if you dare ).

Hint :  Don't try this if you're under the influence of anything except coffee...... or it might come out sounding really  "goofy"


Exciting News !!!  Roy & I ... and Will & Marj managed to find some ruins we hadn't seen before.

Do you have any concept what an accomplishment that was ??!!!


As our guide pointed out .....notice the head-dress on this figure.

 See any similarity to the ones found in ancient Egypt ?        The center  "medallion"  on the forehead , when viewed up close, has the remnants of a snake.



..... And we found an ancient  "cenote"  that was suitable for swimming

We found the water a bit  "brisk"  ( Texas acclimated,  you understand )... but Marj & Will jumped right in.   ( but then,  they're from New Hampshire )


Alaina  &  Felix  found an opportunity to do some additional  "bonding"  ( normal for this family )


One thing we always looked forward to ... was returning to our cabins after the evenings' entertainment ...

to see what the  "Towel Sculpture Fairy"  left us.

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