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Part of the mating ritual is to wander around with wings fluffed out.


She was very curious about us.  Even stuck her head in the truck.


Cape  Buffalo




This place is known for the fantastic embroidered tablecloths  made here.


It was fun to be back  here to play with my Lemur friends


The island is  "waterfall central"


Vanilla Bean  Plantation


Vanilla  Plant


Geologically a fascinating place.

 There are 7 different colors of earth found in this one particular section.


Model Ship Building workshop .....  they  fulfill commissions from all over the world.  

The ships range in size, from  1 foot long ... all the way to massive floor models with masts up to 11 feet high



We took off on our own

 ( no ship tour, thank god ) ...

 and caught the ferry to Rottnest.


There are no cars allowed on Rottnest ...

 because the Quakkas are all over the place & they're protected.


They're not at all shy.     You can get within 2 feet of them  before they even let on that they've noticed you're there.


Got a little  "puddle jumper" and flew over to the island.


This is a fantastic place   ( hasn't  yet made it to the tourist  "hot spot"  list yet.)  The visitors that ARE there, are mostly Australian campers.

For example :  In addition to the wildlife ... there are endless fields of Canola ... and quite a few interesting lighthouses.



Nooooo ... the photo is not upside down.     He is.




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