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To get into Lech we had to go thru this long tunnel ... built so the pass would remain open in winter


The forest paths offer wonderful  "peaks"


Our Hotel


Village Proper


With a little paint & imagination, a rather bland facade has been

changed into something unique.


This whole area looks like it came straight from the pages of  "Heidi"


This is where Paul comes to ski each year.   Looks a bit different without lots of snow.       How about those snow fences in the left-hand photo ?


Freddy brought us to his home town.  He works for Red Bull .... and his family owns this hotel.


The back of  the Schlick Hotel


Freddy's  Boathouse


The  Waldhof Hotel ... where we stayed


With Herbert ... owner of the Waldhof


Lake View



" Control Central "


Executive Offices


Left Photo:

Central Lobby


Didi's  Floating Office




Right Photo:

Freddy's  Floating Office



Didi & Freddy are the

only 2 in the company

who have floating offices.



Conference Building


New Office Building Wing ... under construction


Freddy  ( Manfred )


Promo Cars


Once we were dressed properly ... we were taken on a tour of all the buildings


As we progressed to the computer operations & office areas ... we were able to get rid of our  "gear"  bit by bit.

The 2 guys in the left photo  are 2 of the Production Executives assigned to guide us around.


right photo:

Red Bull  TV Station


Red Bull



Sports  Training  Center                             All the team members have the same type of car  ( shown here )


The Hangar 7 showroom  is open to the public.   However, the bar and other areas are only opened on special occasions


This showroom has quite a collection of cars & planes.


This life-size Race Car  is made entirely of  Red Bull Cans


Floating  Bar ..... I think Didi  likes  "floating" stuff


We were treated to an elegant lunch in the Private Dining Room


From Hangar 7   you can see Hangar 8  ( not open to the public )



Didi arranged for us to have a private tour of this  "work"  hangar


The  Red Bull  Company Jet


Former   PRESIDENT  TITO'S   Plane


What a TREAT !!!    They  opened up Pres. Tito's plane & let us go thru it .... even took us up into the cockpit !!


More of the COLLECTION




Getting the plane ready for our flight.     When we finished touring the hangars, we were told that a special surprise had been arranged. This was it !!


"Good To Go"


Wellll ... boarding a plane from this angle was certainly a  "first" for us.


Pilots  "Rolf"  &  "Sigy"


The center area seats 4.   To get to the front .... well... see that little hole ?


You see ... you crawl thru here ......


"there he goes".......


end up behind the Pilot's seat .... then crawl thru the left passage....


keep crawling .... and  "Bob's  Your Uncle" ... you're at the

Front  Gunner's  Position ........


...... to get this view


Now to the rear ......    Uh-Huh .... another crawl space


Rear Gunner's  Position        I believe there were 2 guns mounted here  ( upper & lower )


Photo taken from the Rear Gunner's Position

Got some great shots from this view.


With our 2 pilots ... Rolf on the left ...Sigy ( Sigy Angerers Logbuch )  on the right.

Sigy  is  Didi's personal pilot

Freddy said that Sigy can fly anything that goes into the air ....

except the Space Shuttle ... and that's only because he hasn't tried it yet.

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