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Did  I mention that Prue  is a race horse trainer ?

A fellow had bought a horse .... which had lost  ( badly ) every race it had entered.  So he turned it over to Prue,  to retrain.

The big race at Bath this day,

was the horse's  new  "coming out" party.

Everyone one nervous  .... especially the owner ....

 who was all but wringing his hands.


The race began .... &  the horse  ( at 99 to 1 odds )  was bringing up the rear,

 as usual.     Our shoulders slumped and we all gave a big sigh.

Then we heard someone near us exclaim  "BLOODY  HELL !! "

The big guy  pulled out ...  took control of the track ....   and CAME  IN  3rd 

 ( missed 1st place by only a head ).

GOOD  LORD .... I have never seen a race like that before in my life.!!!!!

It was the stuff movies are made of.      And here he is ... in the winners circle.



Josh  is  Charlotte's  8 yr old son.


After we girls arrived  , to begin a day of horse trials ...

Prue took on the task of  "working out the kinks"  with  Magic ... one of Josh's ponies .


While waiting for Josh's  designated  competition time slots ... we watched several other division trials.

 There were certainly some wonderful looking examples of equine  "cash eaters" .


Prue and Josh watched some of the "jumpers"

before heading off to the practice ring.


But Harriett  ( one of the new twins ) ,.... wanted a turn on  Magic  first.

Oh YEAH .... no doubt about it ....     Like a duck to water.

      WARM-UP   Time      

Then  it  was  time  for  the  various  competitions  on  Josh's  schedule


Josh  Won  Several  Ribbons  That  Day.


As you can see ...  the horse was pretty pleased with himself too.


" There's  not one shred of evidence ...

 that supports the notion

that  life  is  serious "

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