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Today - Potosi.   Tomorrow ...Parisian "runways"   How about a rousing chorus of ...... "Heigh Ho , Heigh Ho ... It's off to work we go......"
    Okay !!!!    Let's do this.     Here we go.    
  As you can see ....  there wasn't a lot of room in the main tunnel , to dodge oncoming mine carts & workers.  
It's a tradition to give a small gift to the  "Deity of Safety"  before going into any of the side tunnels.    ( mine was a capful of vodka ).
Now .... what about those 2 holes ?         Wellllll ... that's how you get to the lower mine levels.
You scoot to the edge of the hole ........ A small bucket is brought up ..... You stick one foot in the bucket .... and someone lowers you down.
At least the first hole has a hand crank for a 2nd person to operate.     The second hole is a  "do-it-yourself".

  Wandering about into the side tunnels was a bit tricky .....  but unique.  ( and kind of FUN !!)  
Well .... that was interesting & fun ... but I'm glad I don't work there   The guy with the long hair ... was out tunnel guide



  I think these guys are just hysterical !!!  
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