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    With Brett Houston - Naturalist - & Felix's new hero.   Friends - Yvonne & Peter Hillary
Turkey  Vulture   Variable  Hawk   Striated  Caracara
Light Mantled  Sooty Albatross   Island Owners Roddy & Lily Napier ... invited us in for tea & cookies,
before we headed back to the ship.
They are also the only ones who live on the island.
        West Point Meadowlark

Gentoo  Penguins   Lily  Hillary  &  Felix
  " Awwww ... Come on Mom .....  Just ONE little snack !!! "  
Brown Skua   Upland Geese   Falkland  Steamer-Duck
    Arch is made of Whale Bones    

  Megallanic Penguins ....  These little guys dig burrows for their nests, instead of building above ground.  
Cape Petrel   ( Pintado)   Grey-Headed Albatross

Black-browed  Albatross   Blue-eyed  Shag   Megallanic  Oystercatcher

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