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We decided to come to
Dubai 9 days prior to the cruise date,
in order to visit 4 of the Emerates
we had missed during
our previous 2 visits
to the Dubai  area.

Instead of staying in the city
as we had done in the past ...
we opted to be based at the secluded
El Maha Desert Resort,
a 1 1/2 hour drive into the desert,
away from the city.
The views from our infinity pool enhanced the feeling of almost magical isolation , no matter what time of day  ( even at 4 A.M. )
The bedroom-living room space was quite elegant ... and the ceiling was draped in fabric to convey the illusion of being in a sheikh's tent.
  and the Bathroom  ??    Just plain decadent.  
One of the many activities that were available at the resort ... was a "camel trek"  into the desert.      We got to see a  Desert  Ibex .. for the first time.
    Burj  Al  Arab  .... in 2008, the only 7 star hotel in the world
Quite a change from the desert it used to be.   Tallest Building in the World ...3 x  the height of Empire State Building   Shopping Mall
A week before our arrival .... this hotel had it's  "Grand Opening" ceremony.
Canal  View   Canal  Promenade   Date  Market
  New  Mosque  
  Sheikh's  Palace  
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